Simplicity, beauty, elegance extending indoor living to outdoor spaces …

Moon Gate Antigua is a boutique hotel of 42 suites built in six buildings open to the captivating view of one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches, Half Moon Bay.

Suites are fully furnished with a wide range of amenities. The design ethos for Moon Gate is predicated on the notion of building a community of like-minded individuals seeking an authentic experience, balancing the ideal island life, with the amenities and ambiance of a modern Caribbean open plan. The sophisticated suites are open to spectacular views. The Ground Floor Suites have individual plunge pools while the One Bedroom Penthouse Suites have a plunge pool available for the exclusive use of its occupants.

Moon Gate offers a unique Caribbean “Barefoot Chic” lifestyle, extending indoor living to outdoor spaces, within a 3-minute walk from the gorgeous white sands of Half Moon Bay beach and its pristine waters.

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